Why should I accept a WorkDayOne Certification?

Did you know pulling someone’s personal history comes with a laundry list of do’s and don’ts? Keeping up with the changes in government regulation and disclosures is almost impossible for small businesses. It might be manageable if you’ve got an HR department, but for the smaller businesses, WorkDayOne offers hassle free onboarding with all the protections to ensure you are compliant and protected. Our concept is different; have your applicants order the appropriate backgrounds you require on themselves and then share the authenticated result with you through a secured environment. It’s simple for them and costs you nothing. You will be amazed at how you will instantly see better your job applicants, and in turn, better employees. If you’re ready to do this right the first time, we can help.

Our services include:

Identity Verification: The foundation for any quality investigations is in knowing who is applying. Are they using an alias? Did they change their name or date of birth? Is the social they provided me their child’s? It is important before we start any service that we know exactly who we are investigating. Criminals and those with undesirable histories often lie about their identity as their past behavior disqualifies them automatically. WorkDayOne will authenticate their identity so you know our in-depth background searches were performed on the right person.

Criminal Background Check performed by licensed Private Investigators: Our nationwide searches check local, county, state and federal courts for criminal records. In addition, we include government watch lists, sex offender registries, online media searches and department of corrections records. Our experienced Investigators are trained to find those missing gems a computer cannot see.

Driving Records: Applicant driving records are pulled directly from the state to see if your applicant has a valid driver’s license. We also report all points, accidents, DUI’s, and other information that will help you make the best hiring decision. These reports are authenticated from the source for your protection.

Drug Screening: We have teamed up with labs across the country to perform drug screening on WorkDayOne applicants. If you require a pre-hire drug screen, your applicant will schedule their own appointment and then share the results with you.

Credit: Is your applicant in a position of trust? Do they handle money? WorkDayOne allows applicants to order their credit and share it with you through our secured environment. It has never been easier.

So the real question is why would you not accept a WorkDayOne certification?

In addition, think about the applicant who is willing to order their own background information through us, pay for the investigation, and then share the results with you. That is someone who has shown they want to work and are not afraid to be proactive. In a way, that could be more powerful than an interview.

The CrimShield Difference...

CrimShield is the only investigation company in the world that certifies individuals "Crime-free," and allows others to verify these credentials online for FREE!