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The applicant completes their own application online, saving you time and money! That’s right; you can streamline your hiring and onboarding process by referring prospective employees to WorkDayOne. The applicant provides their personal information, authorizes us to perform the background, and pays the required fees. The rest is up to us… let the investigation begin.

Get Certified

Your applicant receives a full background report on themselves, including motor vehicle records, drug screening results and any other ordered services. Those that measure up to your requirements are issued a crime free certification that they can share with anyone..

Go to Work!

You’ve defined the hiring criteria, the applicant completed the necessary steps, and upon qualification, now has a complete background package, ready to go to work on day one. You now have a qualified crime free applicant who is invested in their future and ready to improve yours too. That was easy!

WorkDayOne Customer Feedback

Read what real WorkDayOne clients have to say about our employment screening services:

“I love sending my prehires to WorkDayOne. When they show up on the first day of employment, everything is ready to go and they can get right out in the field where I need them.”

“I am so sick of hiring a person, and spending a small fortune to onboard them, only to have them quit a few days later. WorkDayOne has saved us so much money. Now we really know who is committed to us before we make a hiring decision.”

“It seems more and more employees just want the paycheck… and not really the work that comes with it. I find if applicants are willing to pay for their background and drug testing, I know they are very likely to be better employees. After 30 days we reimburse them their costs, and it’s been a great deal for everyone so far.”

“Being a small company has its advantages, but there are also places where we fall short of because we do not have the expertise. Background checks used to be one of these areas before we found WorkDayOne. Now that once-annoying process is easy, and I can stay out in the field working instead of doing paperwork.”

The CrimShield Difference...

CrimShield is the only investigation company in the world that certifies individuals "Crime-free," and allows others to verify these credentials online for FREE!